OMG. Tomorrow I am going to Groningen. In Groningen there is a sort of contest going on.

If you make it through the balloting (I am afraid this is very bad English, although I think I do a better job than Louis van Gaal at Manchester United in the UK) you are allowed to join a group-exhibition in “Het Gemeentemuseum of The Hague”. This museum is highly regarded, here in the Netherlands.

Just today I saw this movie. The “line-up” of last year. Very, very, long rows of people. A lot of so called artists, trying to get a piece of the cake.

I will join this contest with these four works. Wish me luck (I am on my own tomorrow, so how on earth will I manage to show my four works of art to the jury?). I can’t bail out. I’ve paid 120 euro’s for this. What have I done, what have I done?