This piece of art, is in the spotlights for the month of november.

It’s an oilpainting I made several years ago. A big piece, 110 x 160 cm. It’s called: “At the lake”.

I was inspired by the journey I made in Sweden, many, many years ago. For a few weeks my canoe was my home. I conquered big lakes, followed small creeks. I was surrounded by nature. Only water and trees.

The title “At the lake” confuses people: “Where is the lake?!”. But this is not a painting made while standing at the lakeside. It’s a image you can see, when you -in your canoe- are going towards the borders of the lake. You are closing in on the forest. The water is still there, but it’s  a shallow stream. You can see plants, treetrunks perhaps. And in the back, lies the dark.

“Dusk has fallen heavily over the forest. For the first time in my life, I was able to hear silence”.

At the lake