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This is one of my new pictures. It exists of several photos I took.  And the title says it all.



A triptych. Three pictures, 60 x 90 cm


O Lisbon, where art thou?

I left Lisbon ten weeks ago.  I am working on a series of paintings. The starting point are the pictures I took in Lisbon.

lisboa2015l lisboa2015m lisboa2015n lisboa2015o lisboa2015p

England, back to school!

Last week I visited England, with a few collegues. For a whole week we went back to school. To improve our English and to learn new skills which we can implant in our teaching. Hard work and we only had two times the opportunity to visit the country a little.

I didn’t take my camera with me, so these pictures were taken with my cell.

clil1klein clil2klein clil3klein clil4klein

Lisbon, part XXX


This picture I took around the corner, where I lived for two weeks.


And I think these pictures of Lisbon are really related with my oilpaintings.


Lisbon, more pictures

Few more pictures, I took this summer.

Next year I will be back for two projects.



Open house part 2

Dear friends,

See the invitation below. I am afraid I can’t pay for your tickets, but I promise you this: if you buy my art, I show you the beautiful city of Amsterdam. My city (born and raised!)

Open atelier versie 2 afdruk

Zoo of Lisbon