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Igreja de Santo Estêvão (the church on the right)



When taking this one, I thought of the old English gardens, and some English painters, like Constable. The lions are lying on a platform, on both sides of the palmtree in the middle.

25 years ago I left her. I will return soon, so I promised her. But it took me more then two decades.

“I bear you no grudge,  it’s just how things are going”, so she told me.  She was still beautiful. The wound she had sustained during the fire, 27 years ago, was healed nicely. You could still see the scar, but that didn’t seem to bother her in the least. “This is what I am, it’s part of my past”. A strong lady, a lady with style.

For two weeks the both of us wandered through her streets. Strange, how familiar that felt, how at ease I was. As if I never had been away.

Yesterday we said goodbye, near the river. I wanted to make a promise. Again. But she shut me up, by putting her fingers on my lips. “Don’t. When you want to visit me, just do so. And if not, well ….”

And she walked away, her black hair moved by the wind. She never looked back. Not once.

lisboa2015 lisboa2015b

In the pictures below, I mixed a few photo’s a took in Germany.

It were  pictures of landscapes and a picture of a tree-trunk (probably struck and split by lightning).

They look almost the same, but in the first one, the landscape and the clouds are more visible.

I am thinking of using these pictures as a starting point for my paintings. I prefer the second one. Because of the colors (the wood in the left corner), but also because this one almost looks like  a painting itself. For instance the white horizontal “brush” stroke.

It’s only a starting point. It may well be, that the final painting is very, very different from the pictures I am showing you here.



Germany, digital art

germany30 deel3 zw

Germany Rhön, part 4




During my stay in Germany, I also visited a mine in the Rhön area.

Well, if you ever played the game Metro 2033 Redux, these pictures probably look familiar. I not only played the game, I was in it!

germany8 germany10 germany11

Germany, short holiday

First impression of a short holiday in Germany.

Soon more!




Last year, in the Czech Republic and Poland?

img 4325 zw

I thought the castle below was also in one of the Harry Potter movies. But I am not sure.

IMG_3523 zw

Last wednesday I did some mudflat hiking (“wadlopen”) with my school. The “Waddenzee” or “het Wad” is a belt of the North Sea,  between the mainland and the islands. Every six hours  there’s a period of low water, and you are able to walk and wade on the watershed of the mudflats, to the islands.

We didn’t do that on wednesday. We kept rather close to the mainland. But it was a great experience!


zw5 zw4 zw3 zw2