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I am using not only siberian chalk here, but also conté and acrylic paint.

Still looks like a print, although it’s “just” a drawing

50 x 65 cm



A triptych. Three pictures, 60 x 90 cm

Finished this one yesterday.

Darwin, Darwin, Darwin.

80 x 120 cm. Oil on canvas.



Siberian chalk on paper, 100 x 70 cm


The Darwin Project

70 x 100 cm


This one is more delicate, more refined. But the dark piece on the top, makes you wonder.

“Is everything alright, or….?”

100 x 70 cm, chalk on paper.


Part of The Darwin Project

Finished the drawing this week.

Siberian chalk on paper, 110 x 130 cm


I am drawing a lot these days. Big pieces, siberian chalk on paper. They are a part of a new series, called “On the extinction of species”.

This one is still in progress, but I can reveal a small detail. The whole drawing is 110 x 130 cm.




Alright, maybe there was a hero, during my time at the academy. In the late eighties Per Kirkeby was “hot”. Great painter, and as one of my art(history) teachers put it: a painter for painters.

A saw the movie “A winter’s tale”, about the proces of making art. And “We build upon ruins”.

Last year, Per Kirkeby fell down the stairs. A stroke. He can’t see to the left. He doesn’t recognize faces.

But as Per put it: “I am virtually a blind painter. But I am not blind, when I work”

Anne Regitze Wivel made a documentary:

Man Falling


And take a look at this one also, “We build upon ruins”. Great insights about making art, how does the artistic mind works.

We build upon ruins