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On the origin of species, number 3, oil on canvas.

70 x 90 cm

On the origin 2

This painting, 130 x 160 cm, oil on canvas, was made during the period I worked on the painting Evolution 1 (painting of decembre).

It consists of a lot of different layers. Sometimes even with the same color (red over red over red over red). This technique (called “glaceren” in Dutch) makes that the colors increase in depth (sort of a velvet texture).

It’s very difficult to catch this on camera. But belief me, when you’re in front of this one, it almost seems possible to stick your hand inside the painting.

This is an old technique, used for instance by Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter (see example).


Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm


For this month, the painting Evolution 1 is in the picture.

It’s an oilpainting, 120 x 150 cm. Later more information.

Evolutie 1

This piece of art, is in the spotlights for the month of november.

It’s an oilpainting I made several years ago. A big piece, 110 x 160 cm. It’s called: “At the lake”.

I was inspired by the journey I made in Sweden, many, many years ago. For a few weeks my canoe was my home. I conquered big lakes, followed small creeks. I was surrounded by nature. Only water and trees.

The title “At the lake” confuses people: “Where is the lake?!”. But this is not a painting made while standing at the lakeside. It’s a image you can see, when you -in your canoe- are going towards the borders of the lake. You are closing in on the forest. The water is still there, but it’s  a shallow stream. You can see plants, treetrunks perhaps. And in the back, lies the dark.

“Dusk has fallen heavily over the forest. For the first time in my life, I was able to hear silence”.

At the lake

Small oil

This is my latest painting. It’s only 40 x 50 cm.


Oil on canvas, abstract landscape

30 x 60 cm

painting 200

40 x 50

afb 201

When does art becomes art?

Ran into these sketches. Made a long, long time ago. Very small in size.

But can you imagine, for instance the first three pieces. That I paint these sketches on al large scale.

Let’s say: 300 by 200 cm? Wouldn’t that be great?


Exhibition Apeldoorn

Some pictures of my exhibition in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands)


Völuspá 5

I decided to investigate the Völuspá series more (see the small image, Völuspá 1). It’s a tricky path to follow.

My work has everything to do with the creation of life, the creation of the world. Shapes are getting their form. When is something just paint and when does it transform into an organic form of life? The laws of nature, are yet to be made.

So there is chaos. But that doesn’t mean you can just paint whatever you want and that you don’t have to deal with the laws of the visual arts.

Think about colour contrast, composition, texture, depth, light etc. etc.

Völuspa 5, 80 x 90 cm, oil on canvas


Völuspa 1, 160 x 110 cm, oil on canvas