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Völuspá 5

I decided to investigate the Völuspá series more (see the small image, Völuspá 1). It’s a tricky path to follow.

My work has everything to do with the creation of life, the creation of the world. Shapes are getting their form. When is something just paint and when does it transform into an organic form of life? The laws of nature, are yet to be made.

So there is chaos. But that doesn’t mean you can just paint whatever you want and that you don’t have to deal with the laws of the visual arts.

Think about colour contrast, composition, texture, depth, light etc. etc.

Völuspa 5, 80 x 90 cm, oil on canvas


Völuspa 1, 160 x 110 cm, oil on canvas


Today the exhibition in Harlingen (the Netherlands) started.

expo1 expo2 expo3 expo4expo5

New, new painting

Still very, very wet.

Finished it today.

40 x 50 cm, oil on canvas.


oil painting, no title

oil on canvas, 80 x 110 cm


Peninsula 2

oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm


I was not present at the time, but I think these drawings where made approximately one hour after Charles Darwin published his book “On the origin of species”, in 1859.

By the way, these drawings are for sale. If you do buy them, I will donate the money to charity:  “SAVE THE DINOSAUR”.


tek2 tekening80010

Drawings, chalk on paper, 50 x 65 cm.


This little also at the exhibition in Harlingen (start: 17th of april).


I finished this piece last week. Slightly different than my other work. Less detailed, brighter colours and with less depth. The blue at the bottom for instance, has the same brightness, the same tonality, as the blue at the top. That makes the painting more flat.

In contradiction to that, there seems to be a sort of horizon at 2/3 of the painting. But the white at the top…? Sky? (but why does it stops then?). And are we looking down on something, or are we just facing a pile of colourful blocks? …..

Hopefully I have the time to frame it and use it for the exhibition that starts at the 17th of april in Harlingen (beautiful town at the coast in the north of the Netherlands). It’s still wet (oilpaint), so I have to wait.


100 x 70 cm, oil on canvas

Well, my job as a teacher is, not only to challenge my students, but also to broaden their horizon. To force them to think out of the box.

I show them the picture made by Gerhard Richter: “Betty”. At first glance, they think it is a picture, a “photo”. And are surprised when I tell them, it is an oilpainting. “Wow, how realistic, great artist, this guy knows how to do the job”.

Then I show them the other, abstract paintings of Richter. Without telling them that these paintings are made by the same artist. They are confused. They don’t have the experience in “seeing”, to judge these paintings, to “come to a verdict”.

And of course, to enlarge their confusion, I finally tell them, it’s the same artist.

Leonardo Da Vinci: “There are three classes of people: Those who see, Those who see when they are shown, Those who do not see.

Richter1 richter2 richter3

Oil on canvas, 110 x90 cm