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O Lisbon, where art thou?

I left Lisbon ten weeks ago.  I am working on a series of paintings. The starting point are the pictures I took in Lisbon.

lisboa2015l lisboa2015m lisboa2015n lisboa2015o lisboa2015p

England, back to school!

Last week I visited England, with a few collegues. For a whole week we went back to school. To improve our English and to learn new skills which we can implant in our teaching. Hard work and we only had two times the opportunity to visit the country a little.

I didn’t take my camera with me, so these pictures were taken with my cell.

clil1klein clil2klein clil3klein clil4klein

Lisbon, more pictures

Few more pictures, I took this summer.

Next year I will be back for two projects.



Zoo of Lisbon


Igreja de Santo Estêvão (the church on the right)



When taking this one, I thought of the old English gardens, and some English painters, like Constable. The lions are lying on a platform, on both sides of the palmtree in the middle.

And this is also Lisbon. A picture a took walking along the river. It’s a part of the bridge, that crosses the Tague


25 years ago I left her. I will return soon, so I promised her. But it took me more then two decades.

“I bear you no grudge,  it’s just how things are going”, so she told me.  She was still beautiful. The wound she had sustained during the fire, 27 years ago, was healed nicely. You could still see the scar, but that didn’t seem to bother her in the least. “This is what I am, it’s part of my past”. A strong lady, a lady with style.

For two weeks the both of us wandered through her streets. Strange, how familiar that felt, how at ease I was. As if I never had been away.

Yesterday we said goodbye, near the river. I wanted to make a promise. Again. But she shut me up, by putting her fingers on my lips. “Don’t. When you want to visit me, just do so. And if not, well ….”

And she walked away, her black hair moved by the wind. She never looked back. Not once.

lisboa2015 lisboa2015b

Germany, digital art

germany30 deel3 zw

Germany, short holiday

First impression of a short holiday in Germany.

Soon more!