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In the pictures below, I mixed a few photo’s a took in Germany.

It were  pictures of landscapes and a picture of a tree-trunk (probably struck and split by lightning).

They look almost the same, but in the first one, the landscape and the clouds are more visible.

I am thinking of using these pictures as a starting point for my paintings. I prefer the second one. Because of the colors (the wood in the left corner), but also because this one almost looks like  a painting itself. For instance the white horizontal “brush” stroke.

It’s only a starting point. It may well be, that the final painting is very, very different from the pictures I am showing you here.


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Germany Rhön, part 4


During my stay in Germany, I also visited a mine in the Rhön area.

Well, if you ever played the game Metro 2033 Redux, these pictures probably look familiar. I not only played the game, I was in it!