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Of Yore 2

Small painting/drawing. Acrylic, chalk and oil on paper. 50 x 65 cm



A triptych. Three pictures, 60 x 90 cm

The Darwin Project

70 x 100 cm


Making art is a matter of doing and reflect on what you’ve done. For 90 percent I know what I am doing. But it’s all about that 10 percent. And when the “not knowing part” becomes to big, it’s totally out of control. And the result will be a very bad painting.

On the other hand, when I control everything I do for a full 100 percent, I’m not able to surprise myself (and “the audience”). And the painting will only be interesting for I short moment. You really have to take your time, when in front of my work. Get to know the painting. Explore it.

On the origin of species X13

And the series is growing and growing. Probably in october, I will arrange a special exhibition in my studio, to show all the “Origin”paintings (eight are finished now).

I thought the title was well choosen. On the other hand; are my latest paintings really about the creation of the world, about life? Or is the theme more about a sort of putrefying and ephemerality? Just before everything dies, vanishes…… To capture that moment?

And does that matter? Or can the outcome, the paintings, be the same? Despite the different angles.

In the right corner below are three yellow organic forms.The top one is still bright. But the one at the bottom is already vanishing. Dying?

70 x 90 cm. Oil on canvas.

On the origin13

On the origin of species, number 3, oil on canvas.

70 x 90 cm

On the origin 2

Old oil

This painting hung in my living room for years. But I have decided to sell it. Great piece, but it’s time for something new!

Looks attractive at first glance, but would you dare to stick your hand into it, if that was possible?


120 x 200 cm

Just another drawing

One of my favorites. For me, simplicity is not a main goal. But sometimes difficult for me to achieve.

I have the tendency to make very busy compositions, overall compositions. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I have to keep in mind, that there are many ways to handle a composition. And sometimes you just have to stop. An there is nothing wrong with that either.

tekeningDen Haag

Chalk on paper, 50 x 65 cm