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Lisbon, first sketches

First sketches, acrylic on paper

20 x 30 cm


In the summer I visited Lisbon. And just two weeks ago I returned from Cumbria, Great Britain. I showed you some pictures of both regions.

During my visit to England, I watched not only the BBC news, but also BBC Alba. Alba is an ancient name for Scotland. And I saw, and heard, a lot of Gealic. And didn’t understood one word. My roommate was half Scottish, but he had the same problem. Not one word.

But how we loved that language!

Although it sounds rather ridiculousness, I really think there are links between Gaelic music and the Portugese Fado. Sang from the heart. The “pain”,  The rythm. The…

Amalia Rodrigues, Dulce Pontes, Kathleen MacInnes, Julie Fowlis,  Portugal, Scotland, Braga, Alba.

Lisbon has many faces. The rich history is everywhere. The big statues, the (mostly baroque) churches and the impressive squares. But also the “Avenida da Liberdade”. When you walk there, you’re in Paris. The picture of the Praca da Comércia I posted earlier, is a good example how once this city played a important role in the world.

And then there is the more modern, futuristic Lisbon. With great and new architecture.

Last but not least: the decline. On every corner labourers are trying to stop this. Renovation is all over the city. I stayed two weeks in Lisbon. The apartment above me was renovated. Amd  across our little street walls where demolished and other outer walls where painted.

And I just love this combination. A city is a living thing., has to change to keep up with society.

But do I agree with every change? No, I am afraid not. As an example: The changes they made to “Tor Belem” are terrible. It’s all about making money, attracting as much tourists as possible, whatever the costs.

By the way, do you know the famous painter De Chiroco? He was also here (well, at least in my mind. As you can see in the first two pictures.

The first one was made at Castello Sao Jorge.

The second one near a church, the Panthaon Nacional.


Below two painting of De Chirico, a Greek/Italian painter

serra da estrela