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Exhibitions  2015 

  • Gallery Marten Alkema (april 2015, Harlingen)

  • Open Studio (may 2015, Wageningen)

  • BEK Gallery (may 2015, Apeldoorn)

  • Haags Gemeentemuseum, Zomerexpo (june 2015, Den Haag)

  • Paviljoen POP (aug 2015, Utrecht)

  • Open Studio (sep 2015, Apeldoorn)

Exhibitions 2016

  • Open Studio Route (may 2016, Apeldoorn)

  • Rechtbank Maastricht (june 2016, Maastricht)

  • Art Academy Utrecht, HKU (sep 2016, Utrecht)

Yesterday the opening of the exhibition in the “Haags Gemeentemuseum”. I am one of the participants.


The exhibition runs till the 20th of september.

See also the website of the “Zomerexpo” (summer exhibition): http://zomerexpo.nl/collectie-zomerexpo

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