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This one is more delicate, more refined. But the dark piece on the top, makes you wonder.

“Is everything alright, or….?”

100 x 70 cm, chalk on paper.


Gaia X

Drawing, 110 x 150 cm

Siberian chalk on paper


Oil on canvas, 40 x 120 cm.

On the origin 4


This little also at the exhibition in Harlingen (start: 17th of april).

Bethany was one of my fellow students at the artschool in Utrecht, the HKU (in the Netherlands). Bethany was and is extremely talented. She can do everything.

Draw, paint, etc. In our last year at the academy, she started with her “pinhole” photography. She made really small boxes with mirrors inside. And she made her own pinhole cameras, which she put inside her selfmade worlds. These cameras where covered with mirrors also, otherwise you could recognize them as cameras. They would become a part of the picture, so she had to disguise them.

With this technique, it looks like we are watching large en high rooms, as if we are in some kind of cathedral. We are part of the picture.

Nowadays her pinhole pictures are far more complicated. And Bethany also makes beautiful short animations, like “Red-End”.

Check  her website: http://www.pinhole.nl/pages/intro.php


Check this teaser of one of her animations:

IJspaleis pinhole wax
Working on the wax model



Chalk on paper, 32 x 25 cm

This painting is called “Preformation”. Not too long ago, scientists thought that the human embryo, the baby, was a tiny version of a grown human being. Waiting in the sperm cell. And just had to grow (in the womb of the woman ofcourse).

I also read a lot about “the Edda”, a very old book about the creation of the world (Nordic mythology). This is also a theme a use sometimes.

And explains the environment the sperm cell is “floating” in, in this painting.




An oilpainting a made a few years ago.

100 x 90 cm