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I am Dutch. Try to master the English language. Read a lot. Margaret Atwood for instance, with the Madadam Trilogy and A Handmaid Tale.

Run into new words:

Yore, of Yore: A long time ago.

This is me. My drawings and paintings. Refering to a time, where forms weren’t that specific. The origin of….


70 x 100 cm. Acrylic on paper, siberian chalk on paper and oilpaint on paper.

I am using different backgrounds now (acrylic and siberain chalk) and try to make a combination between this background in paint and the drawings I’ve made lately. And on top, again paint, in acrylic or oil. Layer over layer, over layer. Chalk over paint, paint over chalk).

“DRAWTINGS”, I call them.



I am using not only siberian chalk here, but also conté and acrylic paint.

Still looks like a print, although it’s “just” a drawing

50 x 65 cm


Recently I moved to a new studio. And instead of traveling 40 minutes, it only takes me 10 minutes now to get to my studio. Saves me a lot of time.

Therefore: OPEN HOUSE!

When: sunday 27th of september, from 12 -18 hrs

Where: Dovenetel 21, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.


Strandbeasts Theo Jansen

Watch this incredible movie of Theo Jansen. A Dutch artist (or scientist?) who makes wonderful creations.

strandbeest 1

Two pictures of my studio, my atelier, when I just moved in.

Actually, it’s a little bit me also. Because this is the place, where no one else but me, makes the decisions. My own free state, the total anarchy, do whatever you want, no one cares, no one knows. That sounds great, but it also means, that I am the only one responsible, when things go wrong. When I mess up my paintings. Nobody else to blame, that’s the down side.

On the other hand: my little kingdom.

atelier wageningen 1
atelier wageningen 2